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At the request of my good friend Jack, who writes for the blog The Mustard Seed, I too have begun a blog.  Anyone interested in reading this blog can look forward to a number of intellectual exercises involving mind numbing  repetitions of the academe coupled with feats of explosive revolutionary max outs.  I often write (and even speak) in metaphor and dutifully leave behind linguistic droppings for you to unwittingly soil your shoes upon as your uninvited feet tread between the lines of my text.  Here are a few tidbits to look forward to:  

  • You could accuse me of being a reluctant post-modernist as I have been indicted as such through my current undergraduate work.  My case, however, has not yet gone to trial.  I expect to receive a lenient sentence for a plea bargain involving the implication of many guilty parties more responsible than I for the current state of American academics.  The code of the post-modern underworld, however, does not take kindly to snitches and I shudder in fear of the retribution which may be leveled against me.  May (the simulacra of) God have mercy on (the simulation of) my soul.
  • Culture is a war.  Bitter struggles are waged daily.  Everything is at stake and therefore everything must be risked.  If the oppressed are willing to engage in a battle to claim culture, then they must be willing to make sacrifices in order to achieve victory.  As an intellectual I have already chosen sides.
  • Sartre claimed that human beings have evolved as beings different from other animals due to our ability to imagine “that which is not” therefore allowing for an endless number of possibilities to convey the ultimate expression of humanity:  freedom.  I enjoy finding ways of joyously communicating my own humanity and celebrate others who do the same.  If you are expecting that I do this solely through the quotation of passages from Kahlil Gibran, you are in for a rude awakening.  (As you may already observe I have a tendency to bring out the silver lining in phenomena which could be considered nihilistic as well as being critical of what could be considered optimistic)    
  • Writing about race conscious political endeavors scares the hell out of white people (especially those that claim they are not racist ) and make vendidos , Uncle Toms, bananas, katonks, and coconuts incredibly uncomfortable.  Said reasons are reasons enough to speak openly and unapologetically about race in this ostensibly “post-race” American society. 
  •  On class conscious political endeavors… well I’m not ready to scare EVERYONE away… yet. Let’s just say that I am not at all satisfied with the current state of human society as a whole and wish for something much better to replace it.  I’d like to redecorate the Master’s House with red curtains, solar panels, and a poster of Ronnie Lott.

Now that I have you cleaning the muck out from between the crevices of your shoes and cursing my name for spending 10 minutes reading this blog entry that you will never get back, I feel as though I have done my job.  Please spend the rest of your day productively.  Remember… if faith without good work is dead, then theory without practice is damnation.


One Response to “W3LC0M3 2 GR0U17D Z3R0”

  1. May (the simulacra of) God have mercy on (the simulation of) my soul.


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