Whoa, whoa, whoa… she’s a “L.A.D.Y” (HRP4C)

Holy Shit. We are doing everything in our power to render human existence obsolete.  Late stage capitalism has contorted science Fiction and Hyper-reality into a mutant symbiotic “organism”.  

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Currently referred to as HRP4C, this android seems to just be a project in basic robotic research as “she” has not been designed to serve a “useful” productive purpose such as manual labor.  “She’ll” also appear in a Japanese fashion show.  I can’t help but speculate as to WHY this robot’s gender has been framed as “female” as opposed to “male”.  Had the robot been “male” I’m sure it would have been uncomfortable for male designers to say that the robot could not perform manual labor (WEAKLING ROBOT) and allowing it to appear in a fashion show might not have sat well with some people’s narrow ideas of gender performance.  So, the fact that this robot is not “advanced enough” to be “male” and its only purpose is as a technology “demonstration”  it has been labeled a female by default.  Damn.  Male supremacy even affects androids. 

On the hyper-real tip I’m curious when this robot will receive a “human” name  and after that happens who will add “her” as a friend on facebook.  Oh, the awesome status updates that shall ensue.


3 Responses to “Whoa, whoa, whoa… she’s a “L.A.D.Y” (HRP4C)”

  1. God damn! Can’t a cyborg sister catch a break?! Alas, male supremacy even affects robots. Or is that “effects”?

  2. xmabaitx Says:

    haha, I’m pretty sure that if I looked hard enough through my knowledge of semiotics I could come up with some kind of theory on grammatical relativism to justify that screw up, but alas that’s far too much work. Well, if someone is correcting my grammar at least that means someone is actually reading my posts and not just looking at the pictures.

  3. […] hockey.  Anyway, witnessing the “birth” of the Japanese “female” android HRP4C, I suddenly remembered some other interesting instances of “female” androids in sci-fi […]

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