Here’s to You Mr. Robinson

Hats off to the only Dodger whom I will ever respect.  Despite what criticisms I may have about Robinson’s politics I would be lying if I said that learning about this man’s life did not leave a lasting impression on me as both a baseball fan and a person of color.  Jackie’s struggle represents a personal triumph against tremendous odds as well a glaring reminder that people of color in this country still have a lot of work to do in leveling the playing field (pun intended).  Commissioner of Baseball Bud Selig did the right thing (one of the ONLY things that Bud Selig has done right) in retiring Robinson’s #42 amongst all major league franchises as well as requiring a players from teams playing a game on April 15th to don a uniform with the #42 on it.  (That must be a nightmare for folks keeping official scoring though.)

And on a final note, I know, as well as anyone else who keeps up with baseball, that Robinson was already ready to retire before the trade to the Giants.  I do reserve a certain amount of twisted admiration for the fact that he claimed that he would rather retire than to represent the orange and black.  He stuck to his guns and stayed a Dodger through and through.  I may respect him for his achievements as a person of color in a white sport, but I still hate him for bleeding Dodger blue.  

Rest in peace #42 (Go Giants!)


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