links for 2009-07-08

  • So, you mean there's racism in baseball even AFTER Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier?! Say it ain't so!
  • Boy, I am really sore right now that Jean Baudrillard did not live long enough to witness the death of Michael Jackson. Just imagine the snotty tome of social commentary which he would have written. I implore anyone with at least a fraction of a functioning brain to step back for a just a moment and contemplate the spectacle of over one billion people crying their fucking eyes out about some guy they've never met before who did not make any SIGNIFICANT contributions to the furthering of human society. Did he help invent cures for diseases? Did he bring economic prosperity to the downtrodden? Did he resolutely challenge systems of oppression? No, no, and… NO! But he made a couple of catchy tunes and he's a deity. Awesome.

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