Hip-hop racial melting pot gobbledywatchmacalit tossed salad…

This picture is supposed to be a poignant collage expressing the complexity of racialization in hip-hop culture, but all I can do I think about how terrible the color scheme is.

The original article can be found here.

This is probably going to make me sound like an asshole (as if this entire blog doesn’t already accomplish that), but every single time that I see an article about hip-hop written in a(n) (self-proclaimed) Asian American news source, I cringe and begin looking for a dose of dramamine expecting not only to be made nauseous by substandard journalism (fact checking mistakes, misquotes, right-wing leaning bias dressed up as objectivity), but also by incredibly shallow analyses of race and class. Well, this article ain’t half bad. In fact it borders on good and makes quite a few well thought out points about the intersection of race and hip-hop. Without getting too articulate, the article attempts to make a distinction between “buying-into” hip-hop culture through appropriation and petite-bourgeois conspicuous consumption as opposed to developing an organic relationship to the culture by having grown up within the hip-hop community.

Also, what is great is that Geologic of the Blue Scholars hits the nail on the head regarding legitimacy in participation in hip-hop culture within the context of race and class.

“If [I don’t have permission to] rap, then what does that say about any Black person doing martial arts? It’s a culture that’s shared,” said Quibuyen. “But that shouldn’t be an excuse to just take someone’s culture. There’s an obligation to acknowledge its history and how it came to be and where you fit in.”

Of course the article still uses the tired liberal democracy non-profit Asian American Studies “safespeak” such as “cross cultural”-ism and speaks of the issues of “stereotypes” rather than actually hitting on points of how white-supremacy as an overarching social construction is the main contributer to why there is division between Asian Americans and African Americans ergo why these racial “differences” and “tensions” manifest themselves in hip-hop culture. Of course, I shouldn’t set the bar too high for a single column news article. (wow, I really am sounding like an asshole, even though I’m doing my best to be fair. Mah bad)

Anyway, despite my being a fan of the music and on-and-off supporter of the local hip-hop artists here in the bay, as a punk rock kid, who can’t rap, DJ, dance, or write graff I couldn’t really speak from an insular point of view about hip-hop culture either. Being that I am so ethnically ambiguous, however, I wouldn’t mind learning how to be an MC just, so I could get a debate going on amongst local hip-hop heads, about “what the fuck is that guy?” “Maybe he’s half-black?” “I heard he’s Indian or something.” “Why doesn’t he rap in Spanish?” Yeah… MC Wutdafuckishe. That’s my shit.


3 Responses to “Hip-hop racial melting pot gobbledywatchmacalit tossed salad…”

  1. “white-supremacy as an overarching social construction is the main contributer to why there is division between Asian Americans and African Americans ergo why these racial “differences” and “tensions” manifest themselves in hip-hop culture.”

    No, have at it asshole. Explain. Or is parrotspeak your forte?

    • Actually, this blog is mostly academic “parrotspeak” and in the same way that I know that you would LOVE to cuddle with me in bed as I read you excerpts from Alain Badiou books, that’s how I motherfucking like it. Congratulations Captain Obvious, you have now made the world safe again for the ignorant and naive. By the way I hope you didn’t get too much of a headache swimming in a sea of confusion AS YOU PROBABLY WASTED AN ENTIRE HOUR TRYING TO THINK OF SOMETHING CLEVER TO SAY in response to this post. I forgive you for your EPIC FAIL at trying to zing me. I understand that your high school Freshman English teacher probably hurt your feelings when he/she made fun of you for not being to able to pronounce words with more than one syllable in them, but you don’t need to take those resentful prepubescent feelings out on some verbose anonymous wannabe academic such as myself, now do you? Ok… so we can try this again if you like. You can politely ask me to explain what the hell I’m talking about, which I’d be happy to do, or you can just fuck off. Your choice 🙂

  2. Good comment xMabaitx, I’m glad you’re there as the idiot police. It’s pathetic little shit-turds like Philo (ya know, the ones that are so utterly clueless that they actually think they KNOW even a smidgen of what’s going on in the world and then hold their contempt against those who actually completely mind-fuck what their sensitive little world view is) that make me want to bash my head in for just the thought that someone of that caliber is out there completely undermines any collective dignity humanity actually has to offer. So, keep policing those idiots to uphold the dignity of human kind.

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