Dial 9/11… (this number is no longer in service…)

Where was I nine years ago?

How different of a person I was at the age of 21.

Comparatively more naive than I am now

Yet possibiy more cynical

More afraid.

More angry.

Intensely bitter about why things were not going well in life for me…



In an instant.





I have spent nine years catching up to the changes of the world.

I was forced to reconcile with the darkest parts of my past, by watching the governments of the nations of the world reflect back to me, ever more so …

Their propensity for violence, hatred, and greed

at the

Expen$e of others.

The others

Which meant:

NOT us but,



THEY who will pay.

THEY who will suffer.

THEY who will be forced to see it…

OUR way.

I did not want to be a part of that.

I had no other choice but to keep to myself.

If the world truly is a game of che$$ as so many “trusted” intellectuals may proclaim…

the squares of the board must bear more shades of grey than black and white…

The King$ and Queen$ are more numerous and their collective decadence all the more obscene

The Bishop$, Knight$, and Rook$ all the more vicious in their machinations

And the pawns…

The cacophony of hatred spewing from the mouths of the worlds’ royalty…

Which only amplifies a lowly pawn’s self-perceived insignificance

Ever expanding throughout their emaciated frames until their bodies are consumed by a deafening silence of hopelessness

And we watch as they sacrifice themselves haplessly

Becoming the macabre impressionisms across a blood stained canvas.

I want to know who the REAL terrorists are in this world.

As the elite of this world become more cruel

I have had no other choice, but to stubbornly become more hopeful.

I wanted to learn to sing

Even if I was only a soft hum in the silence.

I wanted to shine as brightly as I could

Even if I was only a flicker in the darkness.

And I wanted to proclaim my faith in humanity

Even if people around me proclaimed that I was insane.

So, there were specks of illumination in the darkness.

I saw others

And they saw me.

So, there was a faint chorus of harmoniously blended voices.

And I heard others.

And they heard me.

And from there I learned that I was not the only one that had a crazy idea that human beings should live in peace.

The insane who became committed…

To humanity.

9-11… it’s just another day for those who have truly suffered at the hands of American Imperialism.

THEY who have suffered.

THEY who watch US cut OUR teeth on the stories about what THEY have done to US.

And THEY turn uncomfortably away from OUR words of hatred.

THEY go back to taking care of OUR children as WE go back to OUR jobs.

THEY continue to build and fix OUR homes.

THEY trudge onward as THEY farm and harvest OUR food.

THEY die in OUR wars.

And as I pass into sleep tonight I will listen

For the sounds of voices



And full of hope.


WE will sing



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