links for 2011-01-28

  • Dirty Black Summer is an Orange County, California based Danzig tribute band with a twist – the singer is a charismatic Asian female who goes by the name Christine Doanzig (real name – Christine Doan). You’re probably wondering why the hell I’m doing a post about a Danzig tribute band on a webzine devoted to ‘90s hardcore, right? Well, this particular tribute band contains members of some seminal ‘90s hardcore bands. Ms. Doan was the singer and frontwoman in Palefire, bassist “Eerie” Von Colin Buis is formerly (or currently, as the case may be) of Mean Season and guitarist Dirty Black Dan Palmer has spent the past 10 years playing lead guitar in Death By Stereo. According to Dirty Black Summer’s Myspace, they play mostly songs off of the first 4 Danzig albums with some “necessary” Misfits and Samhain thrown in for good measure. They’ve been playing quite a few shows in and around Southern California recently, so check ‘em out if you’re in town or live nearby.

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