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Ding Dong the Wicked Print is Dead

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As recently as 25 years ago Egon Spengler predicted the apocalypse. PRINT IS (FUCKING) DEAD.

The New York Times (which I’m reading on the INTERWEB rather than flipping through its printed pages) is telling me that the next print publication of the latest edition of the Oxford Dictionary, what is considered amongst at least English speaking intellectuals as the most comprehensive collection of acceptable (by white intellectuals) English vocabulary, IS CANCELLED. And the Oxford University Press is BLAMING THE INTERNET. Har har hardy har har. Old people must be really shocked that the times are changing and not only are their dusty musics and their old fashioned ways becoming obsolete, so too is their PARADIGM OF REALITY.

Simon Winchester, author of ‘The Meaning of Everything: The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary’, said the switch towards online formats was ‘prescient’.

He said: ‘Until six months ago I was clinging to the idea that printed books would likely last for ever. Since the arrival of the iPad I am now wholly convinced otherwise.

‘The printed book is about to vanish at extraordinary speed. I have two complete OEDs, but never consult them – I use the online OED five or six times daily. The same with many of my reference books – and soon with most.

‘Books are about to vanish; reading is about to expand as a pastime; these are inescapable realities.’

WOW. What does this mean to someone in his 30s like myself? (as if you care, but I will tell you anyway)

As I TYPE this on a WORD PROCESSOR, I am compelled to reflect upon the last time I actually “used” a typewriter. I must’ve been about 5 years old and my grandfather was yelling at me to stop touching the motherfucker or else he was going to add my head to the diniguan. Ok, he didn’t REALLY say that, but I’m sure that’s what he was thinking based upon his tone. So, since I’m “old” by current youth oriented, ADHD pop-culture societal standards I’m assuming that most young people nowadays don’t even know what the hell a typewriter is. In fact, I’m not so sure that the next generation will even know what a PHYSICAL KEYBOARD is. And let me be frank (because it’s hard being/pretending to be mabait all the time), I really don’t mind that things are changing. If society decides that it no longer wants to manufacture printed material, that’s fine by me. I like trees better anyway. I just don’t want anyone to come and take away the books that I have now, or so help me god(dess) you’ll have to burn me with them.


Whoa, whoa, whoa… she’s a “L.A.D.Y” (HRP4C)

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Holy Shit. We are doing everything in our power to render human existence obsolete.  Late stage capitalism has contorted science Fiction and Hyper-reality into a mutant symbiotic “organism”.  

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more about “Hip-Swaying Robot “Emotes” on Cue“, posted with vodpod

Currently referred to as HRP4C, this android seems to just be a project in basic robotic research as “she” has not been designed to serve a “useful” productive purpose such as manual labor.  “She’ll” also appear in a Japanese fashion show.  I can’t help but speculate as to WHY this robot’s gender has been framed as “female” as opposed to “male”.  Had the robot been “male” I’m sure it would have been uncomfortable for male designers to say that the robot could not perform manual labor (WEAKLING ROBOT) and allowing it to appear in a fashion show might not have sat well with some people’s narrow ideas of gender performance.  So, the fact that this robot is not “advanced enough” to be “male” and its only purpose is as a technology “demonstration”  it has been labeled a female by default.  Damn.  Male supremacy even affects androids. 

On the hyper-real tip I’m curious when this robot will receive a “human” name  and after that happens who will add “her” as a friend on facebook.  Oh, the awesome status updates that shall ensue.

For Beginners and Introducing Books

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Well, sorry to anybody who may have gotten interested in the first few posts of this blog only to be let down by a week of no-show. Life happens when you’re not paying attention and I shall leave it at that.

Anyway, one of the reasons for my absence from blog land is that I’ve become just a wee bit consumed by my journeys through philosophy specifically existentialism and phenomenology, as well as my daily servings of Baudrillard, Foucault, and Derrida, not to mention studying up on chess openings… Fuck, my head is already hurting again. So, since I’ve been hitting the books harder than I’ve ever hit them before, I decided to lighten up the intellectual load a bit and pick up a few copies of the “Introducing” and “For Beginners” books. For those individuals not familiar with these little morsels, they are graphic novel style (but not necessarily considered graphic novels) books which attempt to offer visual and simplified interpretations of various complex subject matter from intellectual figures, historical periods, hard scientific theory, mathematics, social sciences, art, and any other kind of info which is not easy to digest for “regular people”.  

Although different publishing companies put these things out, the general idea is pretty much the same for these two series.  There are quite a few of them, so I can’t claim to have made any concrete comparisons between which series might be better, but I can safely say that they’re generally of good quality.  There some exceptionally biased and incorrect ones in my opinion.  Socialism for Beginners seems to caught up in some sort of First World Feminist / Trotskyite polemic rather than a description of the political economic theory and Black History for Beginners is less focused of the revolutionary or more radical aspects of Africana studies and is more interested in the Civil Rights movement.  I’m open to discussion on what exactly I’m critical about, but for now I couldn’t in good conscience recommend either of these two books to people interested in getting familiar with these subjects.

Introducing Postmodernism helped get me started on the right foot to grasping this seething mass of intellectual fu-fu.  I was able to pick and choose from a number of subjects which I could gain some general ideas on and later expand upon them when I delved into the original work.  This made Baudrillard much easier to stomach. 

One of the books “For Beginners” isn’t actually part of the aforementioned series by the same name, yet was extremely helpful for me in learning to understand Karl Marx.  It offered a very good analysis of the intellectual trajectory which influenced Marx’s analysis of political economy and the development of dialectical materialism, mentioning the many different individual thinkers as well as intellectual trends.

And looky what we have here. You didn’t think I was going to post and miss an opportunity to mention Barack Obama AGAIN? I am THOROUGHLY curious about what’s contained in this book. Has anyone had the chance to check it out?

Some final notes… as I continue on this path towards a career in academia, I just want to point out the possibilities of using some of the images and pedagogical devices in these books for assisting students in grasping some very heavy material. Besides helping to introduce my brain to these complex ideas as well as introducing these ideas to the brains of others, they also serve as warm-ups and refreshers for subjects which I’m quite comfortable with. I still read Marx for Beginners from time to time, to add some images to the abstractions in Marxist theory.

Go and pick one of these out and give your brain a little break. (Of course please don’t get lazy and refrain from reading the actual works. These beginner books don’t always get it right.)