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Richard Aoki (1938-2009)

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Mabuhay si Richard Aoki!

Rest in Power.

“A hero serves the people until his last breath”

Richard Aoki. Asian American radical. Student activist at UC Berkeley. Former Field Marshall of the Oakland chapter of the Black Panther Party. Community connected intellectual and academic advisor. And oh yeah… BADASS. Continue reading


My Lai / Haditha / Samar

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“…War is beautiful because it establishes man’s dominion over the subjugated machinery by means of gas masks, terrifying megaphones, flame throwers, and small tanks. War is beautiful because it initiates the dreamt-of metalization of the human body. War is beautiful because it enriches a flowering meadow with the fiery orchids of machine guns. War is beautiful because it combines the gunfire, the cannonades, the cease-fire, the scents, and the stench of putrefaction into a symphony. War is beautiful because it creates new architecture, like that of the big tanks, the geometrical formation flights, the smoke spirals from burning villages, and many others … Poets and artists of Futurism! … remember these principles of an aesthetics of war so that your struggle for a new literature and a new graphic art … may be illumined by them!”


Today is the 41st anniversary of the My Lai Massacre which occurred during the American War in Vietnam.  I find it interesting that many Americans think of the United States’ military interventions in Southeast Asia as distant and disconnected events rather than phenomena which have shaped the present and which are still relevant to present day acts of U.S. military aggression.  

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Maligayang Kaarawan

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Happy Birthday to this guy.


The Mustard Seed Guy

The Mustard Seed Guy

He would really appreciate it if you said something nice to him today.

Ako si Handala

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During the first of my travels to the Philippines I had the overwhelming experience of interacting with children of the urbran poor sector in Cebu City. While a number of my travel companions and I ate our dinner at an outdoor food stand I remember quite vividly how a young girl approached me and attempted to peddle her tiny wreaths of sampaguita flowers.  
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