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White people… find your own damn way.

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So… people of color putting on workshops about “anti-racist” theory for white people may be more damaging than helpful?  Hmmm…  This is one hell of an interesting conversation and I feel that I have quite a bit to mull over regarding the thesis of this argument before I come to any lasting conclusions.  I do, however, agree with quite a bit of this blog entry right off the cuff.   It is most certainly not my, or any other person of color’s responsibility to teach white people how to be “anti-racist” (I still think that term is rather dubious, but that’s a whole other discussion).  Even if white people receive training and learn intellectual articulations about how to “fight ” white supremacy, they are still a long ways away from remolding their minds towards a revolutionary perspective aimed at ending racial inequality. It’s going to take more than a bunch of popular educationals on Freire, anti-racist conferences, study groups, and Chip Smith anecdotes to reorient white people to honestly and openly criticize how their day to day actions perpetuate white supremacy.  And  As one of the commenters of the post noted rather poignantly:  “the work is not the workshop”.  So to quote the great philosopher Alan Iverson “We’re talking about PRACTICE .  Not a game… Not a game… PRACTICE”.  So, stop playing a fucking game and put that shit into practice.

If white people are going to actually be of some kind of use in the struggle to destroy white supremacy and ultimately capitalism, then they’re going to have to put up AND shut up by actually doing REAL work with the most oppressed and marginalized sectors of our society.  And when I say put up I mean GIVE US YOUR FUCKING MONEY and ACTUALLY SACRIFICE MORE THAN JUST YOUR SUNDAY AFTERNOON CLEANING UP A BEACH or showing up to our demonstrations with crappy signs and off rhythm chants only to be seen again at the next demonstration.  And when I say shut up, I mean for you to stop being the loudest person in a room during a meeting or constantly focusing the spotlight on yourself during events.  I mean for you to stop patronizing me by making a lame attempt at empathizing with my situation as a person of color.  I mean for you to stop claiming that you are “not racist” or that you are somehow “different” from other white people, when in the confines of white supremacy you are still a whitey.  Learn some humility.  Learn some patience.  Learn some sensitivity.  Learn how to make your words consistent with your actions.

If you can do all of that… I would say that’s an excellent start.

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we dont need another anti-racism 101

i used to be an antiracism trainer for a progressive organization a few years ago.  i was really really good at.

this year i finally realized after a lot of soul searching that teaching white folks how to be good allies is not helpful to anyone.

now dont get me wrong.  i think that white folks working in solidarity with poc in respectful ways is often a good thing.

i just dont think we should teach them how to do it.

now i have known for a long time that no poc is obligated to teach a white person about racism.  or explain it.

but i am taking it a step further.  we shouldnt do it.

and by this i mean teaching white folks, anti-racism theory, critical race theory, the correct words to use, the words not to use, the correct questions to ask, etc, etc, etc.  is a waste of our time.  and theirs.  and is harmful to building a revolutionary movement or creating good relationships.

the problem is that fundamental to white/euro-centric culture is a break between word and action.  between theory and practice.

and so in my experience, folks can learn all the theory, all the right words, all of it and yet act fundamentally the same, live out the same patterns of thoughts, still hold the same fucked-up priorities.  and yet spout all of the anti-racist rhetoric.

because that is all it is to them.  rhetoric.

people only learn as much as they are willing to learn

Nod to Jack Stephens


Financial News Media: The Simulacra of Capitali$t Discourse

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edit:  This is only an edited version of the interview.  For the full version (because Viacom needs us to visit their crappy sites) from click HERE.

the t.v.’s got them images
t.v.’s got them all
it’s not shocking!
every half an hour
someone’s captured and
the cop moves them along…
it’s just like the show before
the news is
just another show
with sex and violence…

After getting a chance to watch Jon Stewart’s face to face interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer I am INFINITELY grateful for the existence of the Daily Show. As an aspiring marxist/postmodernist intellectual I am TICKLED by the incredibly paradoxical situation of a “fake” news program whose “fake” host actually presents intelligent and straight forward perspectives which although laced with humor are often insightful and fair, whereas a “real” news network feeds us pro-capitalist bullshit propaganda and attempts to pass it off as objective. WTF?!

What interesting times we live in.

Please take the time to watch the entire interview where Jon Stewart picks apart Jim Cramer and forces that sorry excuse for a financial adviser to concede a number of shocking truths such as the fact that Mad Money is NOT a reliable source of financial information, but is just an entertaining “recommendation” on how to manage your finances. People lost their homes and entire life savings while the fat-asses who run financial institutions made their wealthy carcasses even wealthier on the words and advice of assholes like Jim Cramer and Stewart gave him a well deserved earful for his bullshit of recommending purchases of Bear Stearns stock.

Watching Cramer back peddle and sweat bullets in sheer terror of having to face up to his role in helping to perpetuate a false sense of security in the unpredictable and unstable nature of the capitalist free markets’marvelous.

To anyone who actually thinks that our news media is a reliable source of information, you are sadly mistaken. To anyone who thinks that CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, or even CSPAN are of a higher class than the crap on Comedy Central such as the Daily Show, you need to read between the lines. Jon Stewart put it best when he stated the Cramer and himself were “both snake oil salesmen to a certain extent”, but the issue was that people such as Cramer attempt to “pass off snake oil as vitamins.” The Daily Show is just a bunch of shit, but (in an INCREDIBLE IRONY) unlike other news programs it has the decency to admit that it is just a bunch of shit. Now… it’s time for me to skip ahead to the sports section for some “real” news.

The Death of Reaganomics: Obamanomics

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The LA Times in the usual “objective” style of American journalism is referring to the Obama administration’s budget proposal as “class warfare.”  

Whoa.  How scared really is the bourgeoisie of the United States and those who consider them  their benefactors? Shitting bricks apparently if they’re referring to a moderate Democrat as a socialist and labeling a reform of Reagan era regressive taxation as an antagonization of class contradictions. If they’re that scared of President Obama then I must be Satan in their eyes. Continue reading