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V3GAn Br0n

Posted in Vegetables > Meat with tags , , , , , , on March 20, 2009 by xmabaitx

vegan waffles-bacon

In between powering through an entire day of reading Foucault and waking up to the lies of Fox News Business on the subject of the inevitable apocalyptic demise of American capitalism I like to enjoy a hearty breakfast.  And yes…  it’s vegan.  You wanna talk about Knowledge and Power?  Knowledge is knowing where to find vegan bacon.  Power is being able to make your own homemade waffles.  Post-structuralize THAT on your stove and COOK it.  

“Was ist Aufklärung?”   You ask?  There is nothing more ENLIGHTENING then knowing you did not kill or torture any animals while preparing a delicious meal.