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  • Ever wondered what human breast milk would taste like in a delicious frozen snack? Well, you're going to have to keep on wondering, because local government officials have confiscated a London shop's supply of "Baby Gaga" ice cream, after two complaints from the public, the AP reports. The Westminister City Council says it's waiting for guidance from Britain's Food Standards Agency on whether it's okay to sell edibles made from other people's bodily fluids. It's also testing the ice cream to address health concerns.
  • About 500 protesters gathered outside Camden Town Hall to voice their anger over cuts ranging from £80m to £100m over three years. Of this, £35m will be cut this year from a net figure of £286.4m.

    Police stopped demonstrators from gaining entry to the building but no arrests were made.

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    Pensioners in Camden protest over cuts

    Ahead of the vote, Labour Councillor Sarah Hayward said: "We're on the side of the people who are protesting, but the power councils have to refuse to make cuts is limited."

  • Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Usher, and 50 Cent have come under fire for the times they played private shows for family members of Muammar Qaddafi, though so far they've stayed mum on the issue. However, the guilt has overwhelmed Nelly Furtado: "In 2007, I received 1million from the Qaddafi clan to perform a 45 min. Show for guests at a hotel in Italy," she confessed over Twitter. "I am going to donate the $." Still, nothing will ever erase the look on Qadaffi's face as he watched her perform "Maneater," we'd imagine. [RS]
  • There was a wild period — roughly 520 million years ago — when life, for no obvious reason, burst into a crazy display of weird new fantastic forms — producing creatures in shapes never seen before or since. Consider this animal, the newest fossil discovery from Jianni Liu in China. She calls it "the walking cactus."
    Reconstruction of Diania cactiformis.

    This is not a plant, not a sculpture. It was a live animal, with no eyes, what may or may not be a head, mostly a gaggle of limbs, armor-plated, covered in thorns, attached to a stomach.

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  • I think this photograph does a wonderful job of disrupting the idea that the U.S. has it all figured out and our only job is to support other countries in ascending to similar political perfection. Americans had been watching the protests in Egypt, most cheering on the democratization, as if we were watching them become more like us. But the effort to criminalize union activity in Wisconsin suggests that our own democracy is quite fragile. And when Egyptians can watch American protests, cheer on our workers’ movements, and donate to our organizing efforts, then it becomes clear that a hierarchical “west and the rest” binary fails to describe reality.

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  • The stunning charts you see here were hand drawn and colored at the turn of the 19th century, by Sociology students at Atlanta University. Their professor at the time, African American activist W.E.B. Du Bois, was organizing the upcoming “American Negro” exhibit for the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris.

    Over 60 charts and maps, along with specially commissioned photographs were prepared for The Georgia Negro Exhibit, which was part of the larger display. Only three of these infographics are available in color from the Library of Congress. Click on them to view them larger. There are black and white reproductions of the entire group (see selection below), at the extensive online archive created by Professor Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr., of the University of Miami. There, you will find an enormous amount of information and visual material pertaining to this important historic exhibit.

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